Staying Healthy in Montreal is Quite Easy

Maintaining healthy habits is of primary concern today. People all over the world are adopting healthy lifestyles by ensuring they take in healthy food, perform routine exercise, and get enough sleep. A nation with a well-developed healthcare

Attractions Not to Miss in Montreal

Montreal offers a mix of attractions which includes historical sites along with modern ones and others that are more nature-based. Visitors of all backgrounds will find something of interest in the city. With the province of Quebec

Making Friends in Montreal

Montreal is Canada’s second largest city and also the largest city in Quebec Province; moreover, it ranks as the second largest urban concentration of French speakers after Paris. From a visitor’s perspective, Montreal is a place of

Why You Should Visit Ottawa

Ottawa is Canada’s capital city and the fourth largest city in the country. It is located in the southeastern region, within driving distance of both Montreal and Toronto. For visitors, Ottawa has plenty of attractions to offer

Why Vallee Bleue Could be for You

Vallee Bleue is located a short drive from north of Montreal in the Laurentian Mountains. Geared mainly towards families, the resort is famous for its excellent ski schools and teaching methods. There is a great choice of

Exploring Vermont in Style

Vermont’s capital, Montpelier, is a lovely town. With a population of only 8,500 or so, it only takes a couple days here before you have a few new friends. Much of the town is involved in the

Top Attractions in St John’s

Steeped in history, St John’s is the oldest city in North America. The majority of the tourist attractions here are of a historical nature, with everything from historic houses to museums and historic parks. The green open

Check out St John’s

Proudly sitting at North America’s eastern most point, St John’s is the provincial capital of Newfoundland. Acknowledged as the oldest city and oldest European settlement in North America, St John’s is steeped in a long and colorful

Getting to Know Quebec City

Québec City was the first significant settlement in Canada, and today is the capital of the massive province of Québec. The old city is the only walled city in North America and is a UNESCO World Heritage