Attractions Not to Miss in Montreal

Montreal offers a mix of attractions which includes historical sites along with modern ones and others that are more nature-based. Visitors of all backgrounds will find something of interest in the city. With the province of Quebec to explore and the capital city, Ottawa, also within driving distance, it’s no surprise that Montreal is such a popular tourist destination.

Old Montreal

Old MontrealOld Montreal is the city’s original quarter and is home to the Vieux Port, the original port at which so much of the city’s trade were conducted in the early years of Montreal’s development. Many of the city’s old and historically significant buildings are located in this area, with some houses dating over 300 years back. Old fashioned cobbled streets are home to restaurants and cafes, and in the summertime, it’s not unusual to see street performers with eager spectators sitting around them.

Olympic Park

Olympic Park was originally constructed for use in the 1976 Summer Olympic Games; however, over 30 years later, it remains one of the city’s most interesting landmarks. The park, which was designed by the French architect Roger Tallibert, is an impressive creation in terms of both its shape and size. A stadium capable of seating 80,000 spectators is now used for public functions such as music concerts and baseball games. The stadium features a tower, which at 575 feet high, is world’s highest inclined tower. The tower’s observation floors permit awesome views over the city.

Botanical Gardens

Just across the Olympic Park are the Botanical Gardens, an impressive horticultural facility which houses over 22,000 different plant species. Some 30 gardens and 10 greenhouses are home to various specimens of plant life that have been collected from across the globe. There gardens with French, Chinese and Japanese themes, each complete with plants and flowers typical of those countries. A tropical rainforest conservatory and an orchids and aroids conservatory are among the many indoor attractions at the gardens.